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The Christmas Cake, 2015 Edition: Winter Wonderland

Snowpeople Christmas Cake
Winter Wonderland, 2015.

Soooo I tried to get slightly more creative this year… and though the finished effort wasn’t exactly perfectly polished, I did manage three separate ‘constructions’ of which I remain reasonably proud!

Snowman design, sketchbook
Hastily sketched design ideas

The eagle-eyed amongst you will note that the original sketch design featured male and female hats. But I mean, really, sugarpaste snowmen’s heads are simply not built for hatwear. I say ‘snowmen’ though the original design was for a loved-up snowboy and snowgirl. It’s surprisingly tricky to convey gender through the medium of inanimate, icing-based facial expressions. Or hats. I did wonder about making little heart shapes for her buttons (belonging to that essential snowperson item: an invisible coat) but I reasoned that this was perhaps taking gender stereotyping Too Far, and left them as they are to be freely interpreted. They’re both smiling anyhow, despite not having any arms. I fully intended to fashion said limbs from vanilla pod casings but this particular detail became lost (basically once the glitter came out, the design flew out of the window).

Techniques… (I use the term loosely)

The scarves are strawberry laces plaited together, and the eyes and mouth simply dotted on using black writing icing (available from supermarkets with a decent-sized baking aisle). The noses are chocolate carrots, also from the supermarket – the sort of thing you might usually lob on a carrot cake. These were my nephew’s favourite bit; indeed the only part he ate, what with 4 year-olds not being too hot on alcoholic fruit as a general rule.

The tree is star-shaped layers of green ready-to-roll icing cut using two different sizes of cookie cutter, topped with a jelly bean and liberally sprinkled with edible green glitter. I secured the jelly bean and various other extremities (see snowpeople) using edible glue (I got mine in hobbycraft but Lakeland also do this).

Handmade Christmas tree, close-up
Handmade Christmas tree, close-up

Finally, the icy lake is merely ready-to-roll dark blue icing cut into a vague lake shape and dusted with edible glitter (I’ve bought plenty from cakecraftshop.co.uk). Ridiculously simple but god I love some liberal glitterage. I then just ice-wrote a black line around the edge. (Yes, I’m taking ‘writing icing’ and making a simple past tense construction out of it; don’t fight it.)

I’m already considering snow animals for next year…