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The cake wasn’t the only thing in tiers (#sorrynotsorry)*

Originally posted May 2014.

Exciting times this month chez Maison Hart! On Saturday 10th May I had the total pleasure and honour of baking 48 personalised cupcakes for the wedding of the lovely Beth and Adam. Having never baked for such an occasion before (eek!), cue much experimentation and multiple tasting sessions!
The happy couple went for half vanilla flavour, and half rosewater and pistachio. Both were topped with flavoured buttercream sprinkled with edible glitter, with homemade peach sugarpaste roses nestling in the pink buttercream, and alternate sugarpaste hearts labelled with the letters ‘A’ and ‘B’ protruding from the blue topping – see below for the results.

For the roses, I followed Mich Turner’s handy tutorial as guidance: see below. Don’t be put off by the subtitle promising ‘Cake Decorating Perfection’; frankly, if you go into this expecting GBBO-levels of quality you may be disappointed. As I have learned, you really do just have to start from where you are.

I was originally inspired into thinking I could actually produce something vaguely flower-like after taking a sugarpaste modelling one-off class through Groupon. This was in fact two of the most frustrating hours of my life, as I struggled to come to terms with being a total beginner surrounded by experts (well, two other people, one of whom was the teacher. The small group only intensified my feelings of inadequacy). I felt fat-fingered and utterly out of my depth, but I did somehow manage to stifle my vanity and was incredibly proud of what I eventually took home with me. Although, frankly, TWO HOURS for a single flower. No wonder bakers and modellers are moving into teaching others; the time vs money ratio on wedding cakes must be challenging to say the least!

It was just lovely to be involved in my friends’ big day, and to present them with such a personal gift. A lot of love went into those cupcakes…I hope it shows.


* Cake pun stolen directly from my Dad’s Father of the Bride speech at my sister’s wedding

Official cupcakes photo courtesy of Rebecca Walters
Beautiful official cupcakes photo courtesy of Rebecca Walters (http://www.rebeccawalters.co.uk/)


A is for Adam, B is for Beth. C, as we all know, is for Cake.
A is for Adam, B is for Beth. C, as we all know, is for Cake.


sugarpaste pink rose cupcake
Roses are… pink. The other cupcakes are blue.