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About Maison Hart…

Incorporating experimental baking with the principles of maintaining good mental health.

Where does good mental health come into all this baking malarkey?

It comes into everything, doesn’t it?

My humble intention is to explore through the medium of the written (albeit blogged) word the potential benefits of slowing down and engaging in something absorbingly creative — such as baking. It’s my experience that it can genuinely distract a frantic mind from the disorienting thought cycles of anxiety and even depression.

Maison Hart is just me, in my kitchen in deepest Surrey, experimenting away to fill the faces of my family and friends and much to the bemusement of my enormous cat, Claude. In a way, it’s a shame that my live-in critic essentially wears a permanent look of utter disdain, but he’s also incredibly cuddly, which helps.

Bienvenue chez moi! Pull up an armchair, inhale deeply (I like to think I’m emanating a strong smell of vanilla at all times) & enjoy. You are most welcome.


Black cat on laptop keyboard
Claude is not a natural blogger…

5 thoughts on “About Maison Hart…”

  1. I love the idea and the cakes! I eat cakes for happiness but I can imagine baking them having a calming effect too. And I love your attitude: Celebrate what you can do and don’t beat yourself up about things that don’t turn out perfect simply because they’re blooming difficult. I look forward to reading more on here. xx

    1. Thank you very much Meike! Indeed – simply starting from where you are is one of the main themes at the heart of this site 🙂 xx

  2. Fabulicious! Great writing, Sarah, and I can’t wait for baking-, relaxation-, health-, goodness-, absorbing-, and creativity-adventures. All new 2016 words. Love new 2016 words. Good luck! xx

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